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Collaborative Natural Farming

Collaborative Natural Farming

This is a group initiative involving Organic / Natural Farming communities & organizations to grow and consume natural / organically grown food & medicinal plants. This group is constantly expanding and is committed to toxin free farming. We also encourage and help you grow your own: vegetable gardens, medicinal plants gardens, roof-top gardens using organic wastes.

Natural and sustainable farming is one of the most challenging human activities. Farmers require detailed scientific understanding of the farming science, processes, biodiversity, season, plant response to microorganisms, insects, other companion plants, fungi, animals and humans etc, in order to carry this out.
Our own experience has thought us that to be a successful farmer, one has to learn, collaborate, and interact on a continuous basis with other experienced farmers. We provide this platform/ network required to collaborate and share experiences. Furthermore, we also help in marketing farm produce, buy and sell tools, seeds, saplings, compost and other inputs. Planning sustainable farming strategy in a collaborative way we avoid over production of few varieties and optimize the planting of various species for current and future market demand. Contact us to learn how to participate in this unique collaborative venture.

We are currently working with individuals who own more than 300 acres of prime agricultural land, to move towards growing varieties of plants in natural way (without using any harmful chemicals or pesticides) instead of commercial crops. We currently grow fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables & some food grains. We are discussing with & encouraging many more land owners to move towards multivariate plant natural farms. The food & medicinal products of these farms will be promoted among Eco-friends & their families for regular daily consumption.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living Community

Our belief is that conscious living is the only option in the current world scenario. People are being challenged by contradicting options on an infinite variety of decisions on every aspect of life including food, health care, agricultural production, procurement, distribution and retailing of various products and services of daily needs.

Our endeavor is to enable you to discover, experiment, experience, adopt and implement a lifestyle most suitable for a healthy future of individuals and the planet. We share the experience of pioneers in field of science, natural farming, sustainable living, Yoga, Ayurveda, modern science, spiritual and community living to study and learn from. Contact us to know more...
We have formed various conscious living communities like organic consumer group, holistic living group, sustainable farming group, etc; we barter/ distribute/ sell & buy daily use essentials like Oils, jaggery, rice, staples, herbal cleaning products etc in these groups and share experiences and make improvements in quality of the community.



We conduct regular events and workshops on variety of topics. Weekly events for procurement of Organic produce, fortnightly workshops on natural farming, urban farming, natural healing and sustainable living. We also conduct intensive focused workshop and video interaction with subject matter experts on variety of topics in Conscious living. For our event schedule, duration, costs and other details contact us.


Articles and Shared Resources

The purpose of this section is to link to web resources which are resonating with some of our areas of interest. We encourage you to suggest Articles and links which you may think as being useful to the community at large.

Path to Freedom - This Video is a great resource to learn how a small urban space can be turned around into a food bounty and earn money with freedom.
Global Eco-village Network - Eco-villages are community living spaces for people wanting to live sustainably and harmony with nature this link will allow you to explore various such communities
Life is easy why do we make it so difficult. - Ted Talk by Jon Jondai
Limestone Permaculture Farm Revisit. - Incredibly Abundant 1-Acre Permaculture Homestead Tour
Biodynamics - Biodynamic Principles and Practices.