We at Reelaax Solutions will work with you in evolving Sustainability Strategies at Individual and Organizational level by integrating strategy, design and implementation. Our consultants work with you to understand the environmental impact of your business processes and help you optimize costs, develop responsible workforce and transition towards a Zero waste and Zero toxin organization.

Personal Sustainability

We train individuals to challenge themselves, set personal sustainability targets, and develop a practical, innovative approach for a personalized sustainability strategy. Transitioning to a more simplistic approach, results in self-empowerment for a safe, efficient, and productive work-life balance.

Corporate Sustainability

Moving beyond corporate social responsibility, we will work with you towards realizing sustainability as your organization's culture and a part of everyday seamless work-life. This will ensure lasting benefits for organizational image, cost savings across the supply chain and the environment.

Sustainability Solutions: Our approach and some of the deliverables.

Our Consultants will work with you towards developing and delivering the following sustainability objectives:
- Develop shared vision, craft sustainability strategy and build organizational capabilities to assume broader and comprehensive role making your employees more responsible for each other and the environment.
- Plan for practical application of innovation and management skills, simplify complex procedures and move towards scientific and common sense approach to decision-making. This will enable safe work environment with optimal resource management and efficiency.
- Formulation of organizational matrix to define, trace and understand interdependencies and set targets for sustainable growth.
- Mobilizing Commitment: engage and involve key stakeholders and create a space for learning and improvement.
- To Identify trends and assess their sustainability value.
- Set higher standards and implement practically in a step by step approach to move towards being "Zero Harm (People & Planet)" community.
- Emphasis on Ecological costs and set up measures to understand "environmental value rather than low cost".
- Define sustainability value in context with product usage and environmental impact.
- Plan and Procure for sustainability on long term basis rather than making sudden changes.

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Corporate Sustainability Consultancy

Helping you to develop organizational capabilities & responsibility for sustainability will be our goal. It will involve among others, defining and understanding interdependencies and setting targets for sustainable growth.
Mobilizing Commitment to move towards being a "Zero Toxin" and "Zero Waste" organization. Developing designs, plans and procurement strategies for sustainability in the long term.
Some of our Projects:
1. Paperless supply chain management for a Asia pacific organization in Singapore, which yielded significant environmental benefits apart from cost and time savings. It enhanced the supply chain speed and efficiency.
2. Lean Process management project in New Zealand.
3. Strategic Procurement Process alignment towards Sustainable products planning, selection, implementation and deployment.
4. Design of system and delivering of 3% reduction in energy, carbon & water; and 20% in waste, year on year within large corporate business in New Zealand.

Personal Sustainability Programs

What are my desires, needs and wants?
What resources do I have access to? (assets, human & societal)
Am I investing, spending and managing my resources in a responsible / manageable / controllable way towards achieving my desires and needs in a way that it does not harm my ability to sustain myself in short and long term?

Several such questions are answered by Increasing our awareness and consciousness about what we are doing with ourselves in relationship with the environment we live in.
It is a commitment to maintain and improve the quality of our life by living abundantly and sharing it with our fellow humans in a way that does not harm nature’s abundance. In short, it is about how to live as SMART Individual on a INHERENTLY Super Smart Planet.

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We also undertake specific projects on Sustainable Resource Managment & Packaging Solutions

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Sustainable Resource Management

Assets and capital are vital not just for the organizational operations, but also critical for future sustenance. Land, furniture, fixtures, electronic and electrical gadgets, and devices needs to be renewed and adapted to changing business needs. This is where responsible procurement, responsible renewal and disposal play a important role.
It requires deep understanding, vision and strategy to manage resources, in a way that will take care of business needs, without compromising on the environment, health and safety of people and the planet. Our consultants will work with you in forming the design and framework for sustainable resource management.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Packaging is not just a way to move / deliver products; it can be powerful tool to market, message and inform customers, on how you care for the health, safety and environment. Huge cost benefits, new business opportunities and long term growth of the organization can be received by planning and executing this area of business apart from the environmental benefits.

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