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“Back to Green” is a Conscious living Initiative by Reelaax Solutions, Mysore. Our aim is to enable you to explore, experiment & embrace green lifestyle by participation in conscious, natural living. Back to Green has evolved from knowledge & experience of conscious individuals and lifestyle research of past and present.


Back to Green Workshops

Our workshops are aimed at promoting Conscious Natural living, in harmony with nature. We train and empower people to live sustainably, grow their own healthy food in rural and urban environment without toxins. Our conscious living workshop transforms individual lives and aligns it in the direction of health, strength and happiness by empowering them with experience rather than information.

Natural Farming Workshop

Duration: 2-days (at our farm in Coorg)

Hands on Farming activities along with slide shows, it covers a wide range of sustainable farming principles & practices including:

- Organic farming, Natural farming, Biodynamic farming, Permaculture and Intensive urban farming
- Practical hands on Composting, Preparation of Green Manure, mulching & Raised Beds.
- Understanding Crop rotation, multi-cropping & mutli-layer farming.
- Water retention, weed prevention, farm conversion methods, enhancing the Soil fertility and much more.

Urban Gardening Workshops

Duration: Half day (At your location)

“Lot can happen with little”, this is particularly true about limited urban spaces. Roof tops, front porch, side walkway, indoors, backyards can be turned into productive green bounties. Vegetables, fruits, salad veggies, medicinal plants, aromatic and ornamental plants can be nurtured; grown and healthy lifestyle can blossom forth.

The key to do this is selection of right containers, healthy soil mix, quality seeds and saplings. In addition to these essentials care must be taken for water management and drainage, water proofing, fixtures and support mechanisms and good looking planters and tools. However, healthy soil mix with micronutrients, microorganisms and moisture retention qualities are vital to plant growth. We will provide you with training and consulting services in addition to providing the above inputs, to make your gardening experience an enjoyable one...

Conscious Living Workshop

Duration: 2-days

The workshop helps in understanding:

- How our outer and inner environment, the conscious choices we make determines the quality of our life? What kind of food, water, air and stress we are exposed to? What are its impacts? How do we manage it? What does modern and ancient science tell about it? Many of these questions have answers and solutions; this workshop is a step in this direction.
We aim to give understanding of the true meaning of health, how to prevent ailments, how we can help the body cure itself and adapting to natural healing lifestyle.
- Understanding body types, food and nutrition needs best suited for each body type.
- How to use “Exercise for healing” (incorporating freehand, yoga and other scientific ways to exercise leading to an energetic & lively feel.)
- How to use “Food as Medicine”, the role of ayurvedic way of cooking food for different body types, nutritional/ energy value of naturally grown food.
- How to identify and use Medicinal Plants & Ayurvedic preparations for natural healing.
- Stress Management and conscious living.
- Natural healing options available for Cure or Management of diseases like Diabetes, BP, Heart ailments, Arthritis, Obesity, Immune & respiratory system ailments, Digestive disorders, Stress, Cancer, etc.
- How to manage IT/ Computer related, ailments like repetitive stress, back problems, spondilyitis etc.

We are not doctors or medical personnel but a team of natural living individuals, who have faced conscious living challenges and found scientific solutions and answers. We are not for or against any system nor do we claim any curing ability, we enable people to align their life in the direction of natural health and well being based on experience.

Our Initiatives

Who we are & What we do

1. Lifestyle Research Centre

Lifestyle in most parts of the world has been attributed as a single most cause for the steady increase in various diseases, stress & degradation of quality of life. Modern scientific research as well as wisdom of ancient seers point out causes and cures for these challenges. At our Lifestyle Research Centre, we help you to Explore, Experiment & Embrace Green Lifestyle options suitable for you wherever you live (urban, semi-urban or rural).

2. Fast & Efficient Farm Conversion

We have developed a Fast and Efficient system for farm conversion with our experience in various systems of sustainable farming like biodynamic farming, Permaculture, natural farming etc. We network with reliable farm input providers and have access to a team of flexible labour who work on rotation basis to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.
We enable farmers to shift from chemical-based, unsustainable farming practices to sustainable natural farming practices that increase productivity and yield over time.

Our Farm Conversion service includes 3 phases - Farm assessment and planning phase, Input procurement and preparation phase, implementation and conversion phase:

- Farm assessment and planning phase is to understand the existing farm condition, farm future requirements, where we give range of options to choose from and then assess costs, time and effort involved. Optimum plans and steps are then worked out.
- Input procurement and preparation phase involves procurement of soil fertility inputs, Irrigation system inputs, saplings and seeds, security and farm management.
- Implementation and conversion phase involves preparation of soil mix, irrigation work, setting up swales, raised beds and other farm design features, plantation and plant care functions.

3. Green Projects

We undertake green projects on turnkey basis. We suggest various options of sustainable living and natural farming like eco-friendly homes, water conservation techniques, suggesting trees and plant species for different needs, dairy farming, creating special zones, beautiful landscaping, renewable energy devices etc.

4. Conscious Living Workshops

We conduct "Back to Green Workshops" every 1st Weekend (First Saturday / Sunday of every month), visit our "Workshops" section to learn more and please contact us for more details.

Our Natural Farm

Our Natural Farm

A Green Escape

Our Natural Farm in north coorg nestles amidst Nidtha forests and the foothills of Maley Malleshwara hills. A place where the air is fresh, the water is pure and the energy of the place is something to experience. Connect to nature, learn / practice yoga, learn to grow your own food, enjoy organic food prepared according to Ayurveda, unwind with art or just enjoy the silence...

On our Natural farm we grow 20+ types of fruit trees, 30+ vegetables and 40+ medicinal plants. We have a library with focussed books and large digital collection on green living, sustainability, medicinal plants, yoga, spiritual living, travel and more. The estate home located on our farm consists of 6 bedrooms, 4 large living rooms, dining and kitchen with 2 balconies overlooking Nidtha forest and farms. The farm is not open to general public but only to attendees of workshops and events like trekking, the entry is strictly by appointment only.

We conduct regular workshops on Therapeutic yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, Art, Natural / Organic / Biodynamic farming workshop which includes intensive urban farming practices. We also conduct regular trekking programs and tree plantations activities in forests nearby.

Food and Nutrition

At our “Food & Nutrition” section, you can taste & get recipes for wholesome healthy food. A farm where you can find out more about various food grains, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, its usage value, & health benefits. Our “Green Room” has educational resources for green living & research. “Back to Green” is a new concept. Our intention is to inspire & awaken people to empower themselves, by their own experience of natural living & enjoy the benefits which are inherent in such a lifestyle. We provide you the opportunity in our Eco-Stay to discover & experience natural living.

Back to Green "Lifestyle Research Centre"

Lifestyle in most parts of the world has been attributed as a single most cause for the steady increase in various diseases, stress & degradation of quality of life. Research by modern science & analysis of past lifestyle by ancient seers both point out certain causes & remedies. At our Lifestyle Research Centre, we help you to Explore, Experiment & Embrace Green Lifestyle options suitable for you wherever you live (urban, semi-urban or rural).

Green lifestyle options which you explore with us will help you to adapt to a more sustainable & conscious lifestyle in your own situation back home.
You can choose from a range of Green Lifestyle options, like selecting the right “Food & Nutrition plans” for your body type, which medicinal plants & its preparations are beneficial to your health problems, understanding the role of physical activity/ exercise, gardening and enhancing greenery around you, plan for renewable energy management, avoid toxic products in daily life & much more...
You can also share your experiences & innovations in green living with us.

Projects & Activities


Our Projects are primarily to enhance scientific approach to greening of the environment. Recent studies have clearly shown that going against local flora and fauna that is planting trees unscientifically is also destructive to natural balance. Hence the need to follow a systematic scientic approach to Forest restoration, Affoerstation is needed. For Urban environment, like parks and open spaces we undertake projects on case by case basis, including Miawaki method mentioned below. Our farming projects are based on principles of Natural farming, Permaculture and Biodynamic systems of sustainable farming.

Some of our recent Projects
We have organized and conducted tree plantation programs in collaboration from forest department. Some of our recent tree plantation programs include planning and planting Biodiverse forest trees in Nidtha forest in north coorg which focussed on reviving local species of trees which are under threat from deforestation. We also completed a Miyawaki urban forest project in a manufaturing unit open space in Mysore.

Scientific Tree Plantation Programs

We organize tree plantation programs that are scientifically designed to enhance green cover. We are in touch with the Department of forest & Eco-conservationists to identify and suggest indigenous species of plants naturally growing in specific areas. Our programs aim to revive these varieties instead of growing commercial plants. Our programs will envisage participation even from farm & land owners, apart from land identified by forest department for reviving Bio-diversity. We are also involved in urban greening including Miawaki forest planning and deployment. We also supply Forest Tree Sapling from our nursery and a network of partner nurseries in south India.

The Video below captures the various steps involved in the process of creating the first Miyawaki Forest in Mysore, India.