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We are not medical, clinical or ayurvedic center, we are not for or against any system of medicine, we don't recommend or represent any system of treatment.
Our main focus is to enhance natural living based on understanding our relationship with nature and enable conscious decision making, by individuals & groups.
We are not an environmental organization, or an NGO or trust engaged in for or against any particular area or domain. We are nature lovers & free-thinking group of individuals.
We are not a hotel or a home-stay. Individuals & organizations committed to green living are welcome to stay at our eco-stay center. The selection process is by invitation only and is chargeable.
People and organizations interested in knowing more about conscious / natural living can contact us for more details.

Terms and Conditions for Booking Workshops & Staying at our Eco-Stay:
1. All Bookings and payments are to be made Online. Upon receipt of payment we will issue an Invitation Letter and give you address of the Eco-stay in Coorg.
2. Please contact us for the details of our programs & eco-stay on Phone / e-mails before arriving at workshop premises.
3. You will have to organize your own transport to Coorg (we will provide you the directions and map of the Eco-stay only after registration)
4. We are not responsible for any loss / Damage / injuries to you or your belongings during your stay with us.
5. Any Outdoor / Trekking activities is at your own risk, our programs & activities are within the premises only.
(we will provide you with information only on the places of interest in & around coorg, you will have to arrange your own transportation)
6. We provide only Vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food, Alcoholic drinks and Smoking are strictly prohibited at our Eco-stay